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See Beyond Genre

The good people at See Beyond Genre wanted to give a custom design to their all genre music blog. Having their logo already made and a good sense of the direction they wanted the design go, I designed a mostly black and white site with hints of color to elements that coincide with each other on the page. Being an all genre music blog, and having users whose only interest is in certain genre’s we developed a genre filtering system along with hiding the large music and video player’s in a drop down menu to only expand if the person is interested and clicks on it. Navigation and post filtering and sorting was important to See Beyond Genre and I implemented those features into applicable views throughout the website. Overall, it ended up being one of my largest projects to date and really pushed the boundaries on what people may consider a blog to look like.

About Me

I am mostly self taught in web design and front-end development, with an assortment of classes taken along the way in design. Having years of freelance experience, I have a widespread array of talents. I love designing the perfect website for clients and seeing it through to creation. I attempt to stay along with the ever changing face of the web and am always looking to learn and do more. If you're interested in knowing more, please take the time to contact me.

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